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Why Work with A Lifestyle Medicine Coach?

If you are not content with your current health status and well being, and if you want to begin your journey towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, you’re in the right place! We know changes in wellness can feel overwhelming. That’s why we want to come alongside you for every step of the way.

At DescendingUpwards LLC, our coaches are passionate about helping you rise from a place of discontent in your personal wellness, because we know the freedom that accompanies living a healthier lifestyle. We will be your co-pilot through compassionate and thoughtful coaching using Lifestyle Medicine’s core principles as our guide, so you can have the support system you need to reach your personal wellness goals.

Helping You Ascend To A Healthier You!

Our business is called DescendingUpwards, because we understand what it is like when life gets in the way and self-care takes a backseat. This gradual decrease in self-care often leads to health and well-being that descends to a level of discontent and frustration just before a new day begins that starts your ascension upwards. We look forward to being a co-pilot in your wellness journey as you ascend towards a healthier, sustainable lifestyle!

Our Values at DescendingUpwards LLC

Nutrition and Fitness Coach


Caring is the “core” value of my company because when someone entrusts you to guide their personal health, having compassion and understanding is key to building trust and achieving results.

Nutrition and Fitness Coach


A collaborative relationship between the coach and client is expected where truthful, transparent and open dialogue are key components of the client’s journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition and Fitness Coach


Being considerate of time, resources and expectations is essential for developing and sustaining a positive environment between the client and coach.

Nutrition and Fitness Coach


Having courage to thoughtfully express your views, ideas, and suggestions in a safe environment is invited and important to a successful client—coach relationship.

Nutrition and Fitness Coach


Flexibility to adapt and adopt changes whether due to likes and/or dislikes of the program or a health status change during the engagement requiring a modification is critical to success of the client.

I’m Drew, owner of DescendingUpwards LLC. I know what it’s like to hit health rock-bottom, and I know what it takes to work towards better health.

My name is Drew and I am the founder of DescendingUpwards LLC. It is a pleasure to meet you! My primary mission is to guide and support your journey to a sustainable and healthier lifestyle!

My route into Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness began well over 20 years ago during my college tenure where I pursued and received a degree in Nutrition with a focus on general wellness and sports nutrition. Throughout my college days and shortly after, I had the pleasure of supporting friends and family on their health voyage. However, life had other plans for me, and my career path followed that of my mother’s by supporting the greater community through a leadership career in hospital administration.

After years of prioritizing my professional life over my own self-care, I was given a life-changing message in the Spring of 2020 at the onset of COVID. “If you do not take control of your health and lifestyle, you are at a high risk of experiencing a major cardiac event in a few years.” These words were my turning point in life at a time when the entire world was going through its own traumatic experience. The pandemic of 2020 became the fuel that re-ignited my sense of purpose. My passion for nutrition and wellness drove my desire to become a direct caregiver providing compassion and support to others who are descending, but are ready to ascend to a healthier lifestyle!

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I cannot wait to be a co-pilot with you in reaching a healthier Lifestyle you deserve to have! Get started today with a no-cost health status questionnaire.