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At DescendingUpwards LLC, our lifestyle coaching model is focused on your unique needs. We love helping you optimize your health and wellbeing. We know from our own experience how much freedom is found in physical wellness, and we want you to experience that freedom too! Our compassionate, thoughtful nutrition and lifestyle coaching will provide you with guidance to reach your health goals.

” Your genes are not your destiny, but your lifestyle is your destiny. The changes you make today will change your lifestyle, and ultimately change your future!”

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We love providing you with every opportunity to succeed in your journey to a healthier you! In addition to our personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching, browse our blog for information and inspiration to aid you in your path to a lifestyle of physical and mental well-being.

Lifestyle Medicine Coach

I’m Drew, founder of DescendingUpwards LLC, and my passion for helping you work towards a healthier you stems from my own journey to wellness.

After years of prioritizing my work over my health, I was told: “You will have a major cardiac event in a few years if you don’t change your current lifestyle.” These words changed my approach to wellness in my own life, and re-kindled a passion for helping others experience the ascent to wellness.

Explore our services to learn more about how we can come alongside you in your journey to greater wellness.